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Session Description

The Pacific holds over 707.5 million km-cubed of water, more than twice that of any other ocean body. The oceans also play a critical role in capturing CO2 from the atmosphere while the living resources of the Pacific Ocean represent a rich natural capital that provides benefits for all people in and beyond the region. These benefits are called ecosystem services and include a broad range of connections between the environment, development and human well-being. The session will focus on the complex discussion of the ocean-climate nexus, the impacts of increased carbon emissions on ocean health, the importance of healthy oceans to the Pacific and the role of young people in the Pacific in the ongoing implementation of constructive and practical solutions to maintain and protect our ocean.


Salote Nasalo

Eferemo Kubunavanua
Wildlife Conservation

Alisi Rabukawaqa
Pacific Climate Warriors

Komal Kumar

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Thematic Session 4: Ocean Health & Sustainability

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