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So'oula Tafau

Active Citizens - Samoa

So’oula Tafau is a 38 year old matai from the village of Falease’ela. He is the son of Apineru Tafau and Fa’apio. He is married to Makerita and they have 4 children. So’oula was educated at CCWS College in Pesega and he is a High Council of the LDS church.

So’oula has been involved with the Falease’ela Environment Protection Society (FEPS) since 2012. He was part of the committee when FEPS hosted a group of SIDS delegates at Falease’ela in 2014. He is a secretary of the committee (FEPS) has been involved in all major projects and is now the assistant project manager for the US Forest PIFRI Forest and Mangroves Restoration project, supporting the project manager, Tuiafutea Olsen Va’afusuaga.

So’oula supervises village working bees to supervise the teams of men, women and youth to plant and maintain native trees along the buffer zone on both sides of the riverbank. So far FEPS has planted approx. 20,000 trees. So’oula is also involved with liaising with  MNRE and Samoa Conservation Society Staff to work together with the village and is the tulafale (Oretor) for FEPS at village consultations, meetings, seminars, workshops and site visits e.g by SCHOOLS AND Universities from overseas and the UN. He is involved in translation of documents and at trainings and translated the legend of the Liua le Vai o Sina River which was published as a book to raise funds for FEPS.

So’oula represented FEPS at the Active Citizens training in Savaii and on his return, he put his knowledge into action and organised work parties from the youth of his church to be involved in coastal clean ups and habitat restoration.


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