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Salote Nasalo

PaCE-SD Student Association President

Ms. Salote Nasalo obtained her Bachelor's degree in Science majoring in Chemistry and Biology at theUniversity of Fiji. She has also obtained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Climate Change at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji. Currently 

a successful Masters scholarship awardee for the ACIAR PASS scholarship program and is also the President for the Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development Graduate Students Association (PaCE-SD SA), which is a student-led movement focussed on inspiring, motivating and empowering individuals (youth movement) towards sustainable development and a sustainable future for all. 
She has led and organized several successful mangrove planting activities, plastic-free coastal activities and several humanitarian projects. This has led to her interest in understanding and identifying integrative approaches that could be used to enhance mangrove management especially for CSO’s, governments and non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) who actively take part in mangrove planting initiatives. Additionally, through her extracurricular activities regarding mangrove planting, she has also been interested in understanding the monitoring and evaluating procedure conducted by relevant organisations to ensure effective and efficient mangrove management around Fiji.

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