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Okalani Mariner

Vice President & Co-Founder, Lanulau’ava Student Association

Okalani Mariner is the Vice President & co-founder of the first Environmental Student Body at the National University of Samoa - Lanulau’ava Student Association. It is a youth-led organisation that aims to raise awareness about the effect and impact of Climate Change on SIDS as well as provide a platform that empowers youth to raise their voice and tell their story.

It was founded in September 2020, since then her association has worked with local and regional NGOs to promote Climate Action, Adaptation and Resilience in the Pacific.

In 2021 her association carried out a two-part project called ‘The future of the Green Pacific’ which first brought together 12 different schools and a total of 60 participants from around Samoa (6 schools from Savaii & 6 schools from Upolu) in a Climate Change focused workshop and secondly we hosted an energy audit of our National University.

The purpose of the workshop was to educate students on the impacts climate change has on their communities and their personal lives. The discussions were facilitated by members of Lanulauava who were all students at the National University of Samoa. After this workshop, we carried out an energy audit of the National University of Samoa. They used the information they gathered from the energy audit to calculate the number of carbon emissions the National University of Samoa(NUS) produced annually. From the information gathered we they created a detailed report which contained all their findings as well as environmentally sustainable ways to decrease the universities carbon emissions.

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