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Dr. Viliamu Iese

PaCE-SD University of the South Pacific

Lau Dr. Viliamu Iese (Vili) is a research fellow for Climate Change, Food Security and Disaster Risk Management, and just appointed as Senior Lecturer for DRR at the Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development, at

the University of the South Pacific (USP). Dr. Iese has conducted research and published widely in the field of risk resilience in agriculture, food security, climate change loss and damage, and evaluation of adaptations in Pacific Island Countries.

Dr. Iese is co-leading the USP research team for the 1) EU Horizon 2020 RISE project on Family Farming, Lifestyle and Health (FALAH); 2) ACIAR Conservation Agriculture and Sustainable Intensification (CASI); and 3) UK Research and Innovation grant for Intervention Co-creation to Improve Community-based Food Production and Household Nutrition in Small Island Developing States (ICoFaN).

Dr. Iese is the chairperson for the research pillar of the Pacific Soil Partnership and a member of the Pacific Resilience Partnership. He is an expert reviewer for the IPCC WGII in AR5 and AR6. Vili is a Samoan by birth, Tuvaluan by citizenship and currently a resident of Fiji. 

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