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The Gathering

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2 Days, 6 Talanoas, 12 Movement Workshops, and artists from every region in the Pacific joining Pacific youth from all over the world.


The 'Youth4Pacific: Pre-COP Gathering' will bring together young Pasifika people worldwide to collaborate and unify youth advocacy and engagement in climate policy in the lead-up to COP26 in November.


The gathering is an opportunity to crowdsource our collective wisdom and leverage best practices and experiences on matters relating to adaptation, mitigation, and climate resilience.


The two-day gathering will culminate in the formation and endorsement of a Youth4Pacific Declaration on Climate Change for COP26. This document will capture the actions and solutions identified by participants highlighting the region’s key priorities and reflecting on the aspirations and needs of young people in the Pacific and will be championed in both the Conference of Youth (COY16) and the UNFCCC Climate Negotiations (COP26) by Pacific youth representatives.



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We can be bold.

We will bring together our asks and demands to present to our leaders. Demands that will shape a more resilient future for our communities.

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We can reimagine our future and build unity around our ideas.

We can leverage the power of our stories and realities to drive innovation and share our best practices on matters relating to adaptation, mitigation, and climate resilience in the region.

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We are the resources we need.
Information sharing across the region enables our Youth to navigate tough climate spaces regionally and globally. It allows us to elevate our truths through Western and traditional interventions.

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We are stronger.
Through our two-day gathering, we will contribute to our policy position and develop strategies that best reflect the aspirations and needs of young people in the Pacific.


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